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Hi, I'm homodachi on livejournal and twitter. This is my dreamwidth account.
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Coworker: Coffee? (y/n) y
Me: hahaha
Coworker: invalid entry, please try again
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This week's 30 Rock was my favoritest ever.

The utter disgust on Jack's face!

Hearing him choke out "They're called Spanx!"

Please tell me you saw it too.
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I decided to take trips to London & Japan this year (in the spring and in the fall, respectively) and ever since I have been craving Japanese food like crazy. I mean, I've been back for a year and a half and never really gave Japanese food a second thought, but suddenly it's like a switch was flipped... one moment I'm thinking about all the fun things I'll do there, like see my friends and go to festivals, and you know what they have at festivals: TAMAGO SENBEI! And oooh, if I'm lucky someone will be selling roasted gingko nuts, MY FAVORITE THING EVER! And then we can go to Watami or something and get RENKON CHIPS and NANKOTSU AND BEER AND TEMPURA AND YAKINIKU AND THAT SPECIAL TAMAGO-YAKI STUFFED WITH ONSEN TAMAGO OMGSDLKFJSDLFKJLKJDFlkjdsfkjl

It was basically all I thought about all afternoon.

Guess I'm gonna have to learn how to cook it myself until November rolls around.
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Usually it feels like I've already seen everything worth watching on Netflix streaming, but somehow tonight I hit the jackpot!

1776 the musical, featuring KITT from Knight Rider as John Adams!
Memories; you may have seen clips of it in the most awesome amv of all time!
Being John Malcovich
The Shawshank Redemption (well, I guess everyone in the world has probably seen it already, but it was fun to watch it again)

While I have your attention may I also recommend The Dinner Game?

Do you have any streaming recommendations?


Jan. 3rd, 2010 09:28 pm
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I was thinking about joining the Society of Women Engineers to get my nerd-girl networking on, and then I saw the Pacific Northwest regional chapter's website. Holy shhhhhhhhhhhhhhwtfomgomgomg

...I guess I should think of it as an opportunity to contribute to the group but it just seems like a giant warning sign. =/

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[livejournal.com profile] qwantz's entries are pretty much the best.
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Maybe you don't have to be Mozart.
Maybe you can just be best in the world at being happy. =)
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I keep forgetting to post about this! Remember The Terrible Mr Grimshaw? It was linked on Penny Arcade way back in 2003 with the intro, "Apparently some people I know decided to record one of their co-workers during a session of Counterstrike and made a techno mix out of it...I don't think he was on the winning team."

I always thought that the person who posted the song was having a laugh at one of his coworkers, but according to this 2007 comment on a 2003 blog post by Kurt Harland Larson (the guy who actually made the song), it was Mr. Grimshaw himself that had it posted everywhere!

I carefully (and, if I say so myself, artfully) placed the speech bits over some really crappy techno tracks that I laid down one day when I was testing out a new version of Acid. When I was done, I gave the song to only THREE PEOPLE in my company: Trevor [Grimshaw] and two of our friends. I did NOT distribute it out into the Internet. GUESS WHO DID?? Yup. Within 24 hours, Trevor managed to get the song listed everywhere, even Penny Arcade mentioned it!

Check out Kurt's post for the entire awesome story. You might remember him as the lead singer for Information Society.
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So a friend of mine asked me what I thought about the last episode of BSG (he watches it on the web and hasn't seen it yet), and I told him it ended pretty predictably. They tied up most of the loose ends, except for one where they basically said, "it's a mystery!!!1" which was kinda lame.

Then he said, "I always thought it'd be cool if..."
spoilers if you don't know who the 5th Cylon is... )

Guys, would that not have been awesome?

Black Day

Feb. 15th, 2009 12:21 am
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I was certain that I've said everything there is to be said about Valentine's Day in Japan. You know how it goes: women give chocolates to the guys they like on Valentine's Day, and the guys reciprocate with gifts one month later on "White Day" on March 14.

Women also give "obligation chocolate" (義理チョコ) to bosses and male coworkers to stroke their egos, "friend chocolate" (ともチョコ) to their female friends, and all women buy "my chocolate" (マイ・チョコ) for themselves.

Yes, I thought I'd heard it all, and I'm sure you have too, at least until I had the following conversation with [livejournal.com profile] spatulagirl the other night:

Melanie: have you heard of Black Day?
Monica: what is black day?
Melanie: in south korea
women give choco on feb. 14
men on mar. 14
and, if you didn't get anything on V-Day or White Day...
then it's BLACK DAY on April 14th, and you go to a chinese restaurant and eat Black Noodles and mourn your single life
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Rosemary Lemon Garlic Chicken has 4 ingredients.

To make: throw them all into a crock pot and cook for 6 hours.


The meat falls from the bone and is infused with flavors deep and tart and rich and warm. It's studded with moist, spreadable cloves of perfectly cooked garlic, and translucent slices of nearly liquefied lemons.

I could eat this forever. And guys, I don't even like chicken.

Here's the recipe. Some of the commenters said that the lemon made it too bitter. I used Meyer lemons which are a little sweet, have very little pith, and taste like they were picked ripe on a warm afternoon. They were so good in this recipe that we ate them with the chicken instead of discarding them.

I was turned on to this recipe via a pair of posts in the [livejournal.com profile] what_a_crock community by [livejournal.com profile] happytootum. She also took the two photos above.
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I baked a loaf of No-Knead Bread tonight. Chewy on the inside, crusty on the outside, a hint of tang, and only three ingredients! I think this is going to be a regular thing.

This recipe caused quite a sensation when it was published in the New York Times a couple of years ago. People started buying up dutch ovens like crazy, and Target reportedly ran out of a $45 enameled cast iron pot when it was rated as comparable to $200 Le Creuset pots in Cook's Illustrated. (Mine is a blue Martha Stewart that I got for $45 at Macy's.)

Cook's Illustrated also published a revised version of the recipe with a little vinegar and beer added to round out the flavor. People seem to like it even better but I'm kind of worried about the increase in baking temperature to 500°—aren't most dutch ovens only rated up to 450°?

Anyway, it is super yummy and the house smells amazing. I left a note for my roommates to help themselves to it—we'll see how much is left when I get home tomorrow.
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Roommate: (sighs) I love Alec Baldwin.
Me: I know, right? I don't care how old or fat he gets, he will always be hot.
Roommate: (brightens) I just thought of someone I think you should meet!
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Judging from your posts, most of you are really digging on Mad Men. Have you seen the gorgeous fan illustrations that Dyna Moe has been posting in her flickr account? Well she just released a calendar.

iPhone: Joan Deluxe, originally uploaded by Dyna Moe.

I try to keep stuff that is already all over the internet to my twitter or AIM status, but this is too beautiful to skip. Sorry if you've already seen it 100 times!
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26ish dude, drunk: Hay you wanna trade this PSP for your iPod touch?
Me: No. *hand on iPhone*
Dude: *leans closer* Look it's got a bigger screen!
Me: No.
Dude: ...Oh. Do you wanna hang outside then?
Me: No.
Dude: *shuffles off*

The police are questioning him outside now.
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I'm in Oklahoma for my sister's wedding. So far we have:
  • shopped at Wal-Mart
    (full disclosure: I got two great party dresses for $15!)
  • heard a song called I'd Like to Check You for Ticks
  • experienced the banjo riff from Deliverance as a ringtone
  • bought these:

At Wal-Mart:
Sister: So the last thing we need for the BBQ is a case of Bud Light.
Mom: (whispers to me) I'm not wasting 150 calories on Bud Light! Do you want to get something else to drink?
Me: (nods)
Mom: How about Dos Equis?
Me: I dunno, I had one at the restaurant last night but it tasted kinda strange.
Sister: (chimes in) That's 'cause beer's not allowed to be more than 3.5% here!
Me: No way!
Sister: Yep. They even used to have dry counties here not too long ago.
Mom: So what should we get if we don't want to drink watered-down beer then?
Crotchety Old Lady: Hot chocolate.
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heirloom tomatoes, yellow nectarines, artichokes;
old vine zinfandel, tacos at Chipotle, everything at Trader Joe's.

gifts with purchase, pirate bands, microbrews;
cheap eats at happy hour,
rosemary bushes in parking lots,
the biggest blue sky I've ever seen.
colorful sensets, black PNW overcast,
the burning smell of autumn on a rainy day;
wet leaves, hanging out, hugs.

being in the same timezone as my family,
free night and weekend minutes, "text me";
nonsmoking culture, cable TV, my housemates.

casual Spanish, clothes dryers, kitties.

red potatoes. rye bread. blackberries.
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Um, I know it's an old game but do any of you play Animal Crossing on the DS? I just started but maybe we could, you know, hang out in each others' towns. Or maybe you have an old save somewhere and even though you don't play anymore you have some fruit you could send me. Or we could trade! I have oranges and coconuts.

My friend code is 4768-9837-2502